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Roy Smith

Roy Smith

Roy Smith knows something about recovering “little by little”. In February of 2011, while recuperating from hip replacement surgery, Roy suffered a terrible fall at home resulting in severe spinal cord injuries. He endured over 17 hours of corrective surgery and was hospitalized for three months.

The injuries caused painful muscle spasms and left him without the use of his legs, spatial disorder and a loss of balance that made it hard for him to even sit up. He also lost control of his upper body, making the most basic tasks of daily living almost impossible. When Roy became stable, he was transferred to HealthSouth where he entered the Inpatient Rehabilitation Program.

After his discharge, Roy transferred into the Outpatient Rehabilitation Program. Over the next seven months he made incredible progress. Working in several phases, Physical and Occupational Therapists helped him slowly recover.

In Phase 1, Therapists focused on increasing Roy’s trunk control, enabling him to perform activities such as eating, grooming and dressing. Phase 2 focused intensely on building upper body strength and endurance, and enhancing lower body strength to decrease dependence on the use of a Hoyer lift at home. Phase 3 focused on increasing functional activity and independence, and wheelchair mobility training.

Occupational Therapists also worked to teach Roy adaptive techniques so he could perform basic tasks of daily living once again. “Little by little”, as Roy would often say, he progressed from total dependence to significant independence with most basic activities. Now, Roy needs only minimal assistance to get in and out of bed. He is also able to propel his wheelchair independently so he can get around by himself.

Everyone at HealthSouth is very proud of everything Roy has accomplished. His unstoppable motivation, spirit of self-advancement and strong heart left an unforgettable impact on his Therapy Team. We know he will continue to move forward thanks to his determination and the unconditional support of his wife.

Becoming a Patient

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