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Diane Albrecht

Daine Albrecht

In 1987, Diane Albrecht, a former captain of the United States Air Force (USAF), was the first woman to be named Hospital Administrator of the Year. Diane knows the value of exceptional medical care firsthand. 

Diane was a Hospital Commander at a NATO base in Turkey when she suffered a traumatic brain injury. Upon her return home, she was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder. Diane’s physical state, and her inaccessibility to rehabilitative care, eventually forced her to leave the workforce. 

Her health continued to deteriorate, and in 2009, she endured a massive pulmonary embolism. Her doctors did not expect her to live much longer. In desperation, Diane’s husband Richard, began searching the globe for the right care. Then he discovered HealthSouth Miami. “A representative for HealthSouth Miami came to our home to evaluate my potential for inpatient rehab,” Diane recalls. “After much effort by many people, I was finally admitted. I began to believe that someone cared.” 

The Speech Team at HealthSouth played a leading role in Diane’s recovery. She was treated for Dysphonia through a high-tech voice therapy system that uses digital voice software. In the preliminary stages of her treatment, the team made sure she was mentally and spiritually ready for the challenges of recovery. She went through preparation methods that involved breathing exercises, visual imagery, and relaxation techniques. Diane’s therapists were carefully attentive to her needs, concerns and goals. 

After 6 months, Diane had made much progress. "I learned to walk and talk again, I quit using oxygen during therapies, and I regained part of my short term memory. Even more importantly, I learned to laugh and smile again…Richard and I found hope here. HealthSouth Miami is a place of new beginnings and miracles. The people here saved my life.”

At the onset of her treatment, Diane could barely be heard. On her last day in Outpatient Therapy, she sang “I Get On My Knees”, which she dedicated to the staff at HealthSouth. Recently, Diane and Richard presented the beautiful Thomas Kincaid painting “Spring Gate” in appreciation of all the personnel at HealthSouth, through whom they say God performed His miracle. “HealthSouth has a staff of angels and miracles for outcomes,” Diane concludes.

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