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Angie Alexander

Angie Alexander

At 37, one really doesn’t worry about having to overcome a disability but for Angie Alexander of New York, this obstacle became a reality. In March 2009, Angie suffered a severe stroke while visiting family in Miami, resulting in significant paralysis of the left side of her body.

In a matter of moments, Angie went from her high-paced New York lifestyle, which involved working as a director of sales for a newspaper, to having to overcome the inability to move half of her body. Because of these limitations, Angie was recommended to HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital of Miami for our intensive Outpatient Neuro Rehabilitation Program.

As with all patients in our outpatient and inpatient programs, Angie had been challenged to regain a normal sense of life. She arrived at HealthSouth in June 2009, with limited to no control of her left arm and leg, resulting in compensation with all daily tasks and an inability to walk without assistance.

Angie received intensive outpatient physical and occupational therapy, which included an advancement in therapy technology called Bioness. Bioness is a form of electrical stimulation used on a person’s paralyzed foot or hand to help that part of the body function normally during walking or hand related tasks. The physical and occupational therapists at HealthSouth utilized the device to help patients overcome compensation they may have learned after a stroke.

With the use of Bioness and other forms of aggressive therapies, Angie has demonstrated incredible progress in her recovery thus far. She has escaped the burden of a wheelchair and is now walking with the use of a cane and has begun to use her left arm during functional tasks. Considering the severity of her stroke, such accomplishments are miraculous.

Although Angie still has a bit more to overcome to regain her “fast pace” New York lifestyle, we at HealthSouth are hoping our “fast paced” Miami therapy will be just what the doctor ordered to allow for such an occurrence. We are confident that Angie will once again be the vibrant 37-year-old who enjoyed all her social and professional activities. We applaud Angie for her incredible success and absolute determination in overcoming life’s most difficult obstacles! 

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